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Meet Detroit Magic

Michael Brooks


The powerhouse vocal leading Detroit Magic through the endless hits created by the Male stars of Motown and Soul. Michael's charismatic performing style combined with his ability to switch from the sweet sounding Smokey Robinson to soulful Stevie Wonder enables us to showcase the very best of the Motown hits in every show.


Ashley Profile Pic

Natalie Knight


Keeping us boys in check is our Female Vocalist Natalie.

We're very lucky in Detroit Magic to have two brilliant Lead Vocalists. Natalie has a unique voice in that she is able to recreate the 'lightness' in tone requied to reproduce the sound by such vocalists as Diana Ross but then can switch to the powerful and emotive vocal required  for Aretha Franklin.  

Ashley Blake


Our Keyboard player and Band Leader Ashley is a founder member along with Michael Brooks and Bob Southall. Ashley also provides Backing Vocals to the mix with the vital Harmonies required to reproduce the Motown sound.


Bob Southall


On Saxophone we have the truly talented Bob Southall, a founding member of the band since 2001, his Solo's are brilliant replica's of those on the original records again adding to the authenticity of Detroit Magic.




Richard Skilbeck


Extending our Horn section is the phenomenal 'Skillers'. Joining the band at age 17 we like to take credit that we've taught him everything he knows and that's the reason why he's in such demand, unfortunately we can't because he is just brilliant (but we don't tell him that).




Russell Collins


The supremely talented Russell is the newest addition to Detroit Magic, he adds further backing vocals to the group as well as reproducing the famous fills and driving beat of the Motown sound.